"Manila" Moose Tooth Sphere Sculpture


In the last couple of years, I've developed a fixation with creating bone and tooth spheres. At shows and events that I've taken the tooth sculptures to, people seem to share the fascination. They're somewhat polarizing - people either love them or hate them. There's no in-between.

This particular one is made from moose teeth, and it measures about 6" across. The overwhelming majority of bones and teeth I use are harvested from roadkill, however, for the sake of full disclosure, these are an exception. I went to an estate sale a couple of years ago, and they had a huge bag of moose teeth for sale. I think it's fairly safe to assume, though, that if there were this many moose teeth all in one bag, they were not ethically sourced. I doubt I'll stumble across a bag of teeth again, and consequently, this is a one-of-a-kind piece.

Note: Due to US laws, most animal bones cannot be shipped outside the United States without a permit. The cost of the permit is cost-prohibitive, so this item is only available for sale within the United States. I apologize for the inconvenience.