Pronunciation: osh-oo-air-ee-ah
Origin: Latin
Definition: a place to house the bones of the dead

Ossuaria Jewelry is a high-end line of elegant accessories made from natural bones and skulls. Each piece is harvested, cleaned, and fashioned by hand to create bold and dramatic adornments for people with a bit of an eccentric side.

Ossuaria Jewelry began in 2009 when I melded two of my true loves: fashion and dissection. With a background in criminology, I attended several autopsies and embalmings, and even worked for a very short time as an autopsy assistant. I was continually captivated by the structures that support the body, and believed they were alluring enough to hold a place outside the skin as well.

I gather my materials primarily from roadkill, farms and ranches - though I occasionally uses other reputable sources as well. I strip the skin and internal organs from the animal or reptile, then slowly macerate the remains in water to deflesh the bones. I then clean each individual bone with a brush, removing all flesh and tendons, and finally soak them in peroxide to both sterilize and whiten the bones. In the case of snake vertebrae, each piece is put back into the order it was while inside the body, creating a seamless, almost kinetic feel to the piece.

My work has been displayed at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles for their 3rd Biennial Taxidermy Show, and their 3rd & 4th Annual Coaster Shows. I was also given Showcase Designer status during Austin Fashion Week 2012- participating in a trunk show as well as a runway event. My work was featured in the December issue of Vogue Deutsch, and has also been in Gothic Beauty Magazine, Austin Magazine, UK's Making Magazine, Style-ology Magazine, Spark Magazine, the Austin Chronicle, Austin American Statesman and on numerous blogs such as Haute Macabre, Hi-Fructose, Fearnet and Oddity Central. My work was even featured on Galileo, a German television program that focuses on scientific oddities.

My work has also been used for events- including the Austin Fashion Awards, Austin Zombie Ball, Convergence runway show, Stephen Moser’s Made in Heaven runway show, TLR's Dia de los Muertos event, SXSW Ides of March event, Butterfly Entertainment's runway show, and the Royal Court of Ashes - orchestrated by artist and videographer Charlie Terrell.

If you would like to feature my work on your blog, magazine or for a gallery show, please use my contact form and I will get back with you as soon as possible.