"Kana" Snake Vertebrae Trifari Necklace


This is easily my favorite bone necklace I've made in the past year. I think it's just perfect in its simplicity and elegance, and it will elevate anything you wear it with. It can be paired with something formal and fabulous, but it will look just as good dressed down with a tshirt and jeans.

It is made with vintage Trifari chain, pearls, and rhinestones and embellished with large snake vertebrae and brass beads. I also added the original Trifari tag near the spring ring clasp. It measures approximately 16" around, and 6 x 11" laid flat. Each fall varies in length from 2" to 2.5".

Note: Due to US laws, most animal bones cannot be shipped outside the United States without a permit. The cost of the permit is cost-prohibitive, so this item is only available for sale within the United States. I apologize for the inconvenience.