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"Shea" Dog Bone Necklace


I had initially planned on keeping this one for myself, but people liked it so much on social, I decided to post it for sale. It's composed entirely of dog bones - ribs, foot bones, ulnas, as well as an axis and atlas vertebrae. As with a few of my other pieces, side hugs are recommended while wearing this one.

This necklace measures approximately 17" around, and approximately 7" x 10.5" laid flat. The centerpiece measures approximately 7" x 5". This necklace features a brass magnetic clasp and is embellished with brass beads.

I am now also offering rentals for my necklaces if you'd just like to have it for a single event. You will need to pay the full price of the necklace up front. When the necklace is returned, if it is in undamaged condition, I will refund everything but the $75 rental fee. If it is not returned, or if it is unrepairable, you will not receive a refund. Rentals are not available for earrings or bracelets.

Note: If you are from outside the United States and would like to make a purchase, please contact me directly by using the Contact Form for an accurate shipping quote. Thank you!